A shot not taken

...is a shot that's missed

Lust is a weak, whimpering, whispering thing compared with that richness and energy of desire which will arise when lust has been killed

C. S. Lewis

Knowing the fact that theres someone causing you so much pain actually hurts ME. No “man” should ever treat a girl like that… especially you. I swear to God if i ever see this fucker in person….

Why the hell are you still dwelling on this shit. Fucking move on already, joshua. You’re the one who broke up with her. You dont need her. Who cares if she got over you so fast. Why should you care if she flirts with other thirsty guys? Its not like you still care about her well-being or anything right? …. right?

Why cant i just be an asshole? If i was an ass, i wouldnt have gone through the trouble of seeing my ex girlfriend one last time. if i was an ass, i would hook up with a girl and go on to the next one. If i was an ass i wouldnt care about other people and their concerns… just me. But fuck, here i am always having to care about everything, ultimately putting myself in a really shitty emotional position

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